About me

I’m a queer latinx visual artist and illustrator living in Denmark.

My work deals with queer stories and bodies, being hugely impacted by my lived experience growing up navigating the challenges of a homophobic country.
            From being shamed to fetishized, the body of LGBTQIA+ individuals has always been a sensitive topic in society. And that same body is the key to queer discovery and self-acceptance. I explore topics like body language, touch and sexual tension to show the body as a way of expression, connection and healing. With scenes going from the ultra sexual to the mundane, the people portrayed in my works are unapologetic and defiantly visible.
            As for my technique, I’m driven by manual crafts and handmade printing methods. Since my artworks are born from a very personal place, it’s important to me that the process of making art is in itself a process of healing and self-development.